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Charity No CASC 04999


Club Rules 2022


  1. The statutory River opening is from the 11th February to 31st October including the Estuary.

  2. Fishing is by unweighted fly with a single or double hook, or by worm with a single circle hook.  All other baits such as prawns are forbidden.  Barbless hooks are encouraged before 1st July.

  3. No spinning or spinning tackle is allowed.  Fly reels only, including for worm fishing.  Worm fishing ends on 15th September.

  4. No Sunday fishing – including from Saturday midnight to Monday 6.00am.

  5. No fish may be retained before 1st July. Catch and release is strongly encouraged throughout the season.

  6. All catch returns, including nil returns must be made by 13th November.  Failure to do so may result in an additional £10 charge on membership renewal or membership being withheld.

  7. Members must carry their membership cards at all times and present it to any club member or director upon request.  Failure to show a membership card may result in expulsion from the River.  All visitors must carry and be willing to show their permits.

  8. Anglers are expected to behave with courtesy and consideration towards other anglers and members of the public.  Anglers must not enter a pool below an angler and must move down the pool at least one step every second cast.  Worm anglers must give way to fly anglers.

  9. Anglers must have regard for the welfare of the River and wildlife on the River, particularly no littering or discarding of fishing tackle.

  10. Anglers must behave in a sporting and reasonable manner at all times and must not bring the Club into disrepute.

  11. Anglers are expected to bring any instances or inappropriate behaviour to the notice of the Club directors and/or the River bailiffs and/or the police.

  12. Car parking beside the weir is restricted to members who are registered disabled drivers displaying a blue badge and Fishery Board employees in the course of their duties only.  Failure to observe these restrictions may result in loss of membership.

  13. No fires and no dogs.

  14. All members are expected to renew by 31st March or a joining fee may be levied.

  15. Non-member juniors may fish for free if accompanied by an adult member who has named them on their membership application - one junior per adult under strict supervision at any time.  The use of chest waders for children is not permitted.  Children under 12 must not fish alone or unsupervised at any time.

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