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13 September 2017Open Meeting


Monday 23rd October.

7.30pm in the Perrins Center , Alness


There will be an Open Meeting which all members can attend held on Monday 23rd October 2017 at 7.30pm in the Perrins Centre, Alness. 

This is a chance for members to hear from the board what is currently happpening in the club and for members to ask any questions that they might have.

22 August 201716LB

David Ross caught a nice fish on the Kildermorie beat this week.

Davie caught a 35 inch salmon estimated at 16lb from the lower section of the car park pool on the Kildermorie beat 9th August.  While not fresh the fish was in good condition and after a quick photo was safely returned to the water. The fish took a cascade fly and was landed on Davie's new 11 ft Oracle Switch Shakespeare rod. 

16 August 2017Pink Salmon

Pacific Pink salmon – Advice note: July 2017

In recent weeks, anglers in Scotland (Rivers Ness, Dee and Helmsdale) have reported several captures of fresh run non-native Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha). Some captures have also been reported in some salmon net fisheries in Scotland and both rod and net fisheries in England and Ireland. These fish are not native to Scotland and are likely to have ‘strayed’ from some of the rivers in northern Norway or Russia. These fish were originally introduced to some Russian rivers in the 1960s, have slowly spread westwards and have now colonised some northern Norwegian rivers. These fish spawn at a different time from Atlantic salmon, have a 2-year lifecycle and generally spawn in summer (and often in main river channels, in the lower reaches of rivers, and sometimes in upstream tributaries). Due to their 2 - year lifecycle, the progeny will be derived from distinct ‘odd’ or ‘even’ years, with the Russian/Norwegian fish being odd-year stocks. It is therefore possible, and likely, that they will occur again in 2019. Whilst it is theoretically possible that these non-native species could establish themselves in Scottish rivers, the higher water temperatures make this unlikely. Whilst the risks are not known, in terms of their interaction with Atlantic salmon and other native Scottish fish, they are unlikely to have a positive impact. See more information on pink salmon.documents/pink-salmon.pdf

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