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Alness Angling Club

Charity No. CASC 04999


The Opening Ceremony will take place on 11th February after which the River will close until 15th March.

1. Fishing is permissible using an un-weighted fly on single or double hooks, or with worm using circle hooks. All other bait, including prawn is forbidden.

2. Fishing is by fly reel only, no multiplier or fixed spool reels allowed. No spinning is permitted.

3. No Sunday fishing.

4. All sea-trout under 12”(30cm) are to be returned unharmed.

5. All salmon/grilse or sea-trout to be returned from 15th March to 30th June and thereafter all fish over 10lbs to be returned.

6. By law no rod caught fish may be sold on.

7. No worming after 15th September.

8. Club Conservation Policy – In respect of Grilse and Salmon. Please note after 30th June members will only be able to retain -ONE- Salmon or Grilse per week but you are permitted to RETURN unlimited numbers during that week. A Maximum of One Sea Trout over 1.5lbs per week may be killed- but it would be preferable to kill only smaller fish . Tags must be used on all Killed Salmon or Grilse but not on Sea Trout.                                                                                                                                            

9. All catch returns, including nil returns must be submitted by 31st October. It is a condition of membership that all returns are lodged with the Club, and failure to do so will mean you are not eligible for membership the following season.

10. Membership cards or fishing permits must be carried at all times and produced to bailiffs, club directors, or club members upon request. If you are not carrying your membership card you will be asked to leave the River. Always carry your tags.

11. Anglers are expected to follow the River code of good conduct, to behave with courtesy and consideration towards other anglers in particular – Do not commence fishing in a pool downstream of another angler and should move downstream after each cast. Bait fishers must give way to fly fishers.

12. Anglers should have regard for the welfare of other wildlife on the River and take care to leave no litter in particular line, hooks or lead.

13. Anglers are expected to behave in a sporting and reasonable manner and to conduct themselves in such a way as not to bring the Club or the sport of angling into disrepute.

14. Anglers are expected to bring to the notice of the police, Club directors or bailiffs as appropriate any instances of improper behaviour by any person on the River.

15. No fires or dogs are permitted.

16. Subscriptions must be paid by 31st March otherwise your name will be added to the waiting list for membership and a late payment fee (£10) will be levied.

17. All new members may be required to attend a meeting with the Club directors and a joining fee of £10 will be levied along with annual subscription.

18. Junior anglers under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst fishing, and their use of chest waders is not permitted.

Registered office – Macleod & Macallum, 28 Queensgate, Inverness.

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